Why Pay High Prices for a Dental Sensor?

Ei Dental Sensors offer High Resolution X-Rays at nearly 1/2 The Cost of other dental sensor companies.


Find out how doctors are saving thousands with Ei Dental Sensors.

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Why Ei Dental Sensors?

  • Nearly Half the Cost

    Ei Sensors are nearly Half the Cost of what our major competitors are charging.

  • Powerful Imaging Software

    The Sensors also come with the Apteryx XrayVision Imaging Software which is a powerful and easy to use imaging software. Not only will the software handle the Ei Sensors, but most of your other devices as well.

  • Superior Image Quality

    You don’t have to worry about sacrificing imaging quality either. At a theoretical 25 line pair/mm the Ei Dental Sensors offer High Resolution Image Quality.

  • Built to Last

    Thanks to our rigorous design and testing all Ei Sensors provide maximum durability and flexibility.

High Resolution CMOS Sensor

Crystal Clear Images

 With the High Resolution CMOS chip you get crystal clear images in seconds. The Ei Sensor captures high resolution images at 25 Theoretical line pairs per millimeter.

Ei Dental Sensor Side

Thin Dental Sensor Design

Only 5.3mm thick

The Ei Dental Sensors thin design allows for maximum patient comfort. It represents the perfect balance of form and function. The Ei Pedo Sensors are designed with rounded corners that ensure easy positioning and optimal patient comfort.

Apteryx XrayVision

Powerful Imaging Software

Easy To Use

The Ei Sensor has one of the most powerful imaging software on the market today.

Have other dental sensors? Not a problem! Apteryx XrayVision Imaging Software supports a wide range of industry standard devices which can be combined from different manufacturers.

100% Waterproof & Dust proof

Easy To Disinfect

Is you current sensor waterproof? The Ei Dental Sensor is hermetically sealed and has a IP67 rating.

The Ei Dental Sensor can be immersed in disinfecting liquid, without the need to worry about damaging the sensor.

Ei Dental Sensors are Waterproof

Works With Other Imaging Software

Free TWAIN Driver

Have another imaging software? Don’t want to switch imaging software?

Not a problem! If you imaging software supports TWAIN devices, then the Ei Sensor can work with you current imaging software.


Maximum Durability & Flexibility

Built To Last

Thanks to rigorous design and testing all Ei Sensors provide maximum durability and flexibility. The shock-resistant cases and silicon padding offers superior protection from falls, bites, and other damage.

Each Ei Sensor is tested during every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure they meet our quality and
imaging performance standards. The sensor must pass our high quality standards for durability, cord flexibility, and submergibility

Speed Up Workflow

Save Time = Save Money

Digital x-rays appear instantly, providing clinicians with immediate feedback. In an emergency, valuable time is not wasted waiting for film to develop, allowing you to quickly attend to your patient.

The Ei Sensor can be conveniently carried to wherever it is needed, from operatory to operatory, for fast, proficient service.

With its fast Hi-Speed USB 2.0 connection, you’ll save time every day, no matter the type of appointment.


Increased Dental Sensor Protection

Prolonged life of your sensor

The Ei Dental Sensors has been designed to last for years of use. But, we wanted to take it even farther. With each dental sensor purchase, a 360° swivel adapter and a powered USB hub will be provided.

The 360° Swivel Adapter prolongs the USB end of the sensor and also decreases the strain on the sensor cable. The Powered USB Hub creates a reliable USB power source for your sensor and allows for easier insertion of the Ei Dental Sensor. Gone are the days of having to bend over to get to the computer cabinet to plug in your Dental Sensor.

Just A Few of Our Features...

Nearly Half the Cost!

At nearly Half the Cost you can be assured our price will be lower then any of our major competitors like Dexis, Schick and Gendex.


Display, print and email images from any computer in your office.

Case Presentations

Create dynamic case presentations, customizable slide show scripts and display templates.

Free Internet Installation

When it comes time to purchase, we provided internet installation for FREE. We install all the software and calibrate the sensors to your x-ray heads, and will have you up in running in about an hour!

Import & Export

Import and export functions allow you to easily share images with other applications.


XrayVision Software links your imaging system to many popular Practice Management Systems.

Document Management

The XrayVision Imaging Software document management tools will help you achieve a paperless office.

Technical Support

The Apteryx Support Department is Skilled, Friendly and Flexible. When it comes time to call for support you can be assured you are in good hand with the our Support Department.

Ei Dental Sensor Warranty

Ei Digital Sensors include a standard two-year limited warranty covering manufacturer’s defects.

SensorCare Protection Plan

Masterlink offers SensorCare Protection Plan on Ei Dental Sensors, good for the life of your sensors.

This helpful program provides a replacement dental sensor at 50% the current retail in the event of accidental damage not covered by the limited warranty, and includes conveniences like overnight loaner shipping in the event your sensor is being replaced or fixed.

This program provides tremendous value to our customers, just another example of how Masterlink has re-invented digital imaging in response to dentists’ needs. Compare our protection plan to any competitor, and you will see for yourself why SensorCare Protection Plan is the industry’s best value.

30-Day Return Policy

Masterlink proudly stands behind the quality of its products, and backs this with a 30-Day Return Policy.

If you are unhappy with your Ei Sensors. we will work diligently to identify and resolve your issues to earn your satisfaction.

If, after efforts to resolve your concerns, you are still unhappy, we will issue you a refund, as long as the product is returned complete with all accessories and in resalable condition. View our Return Policy here.

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