Do you have Tab32? Don’t want to switch your imaging software?

Apex Dental Sensors work with Tab32 Dental EHR Software.

You don’t have to worry about sacrificing imaging quality either. At a theoretical 25 line pair/mm the Apex Dental Sensors offer High Resolution Image Quality.

Thanks to our rigorous design and testing all Apex Sensors provide maximum durability and flexibility.

Every Apex Dental Sensor comes with a 2-year manufacture warranty. We also offer our SensorCare Protection Plan to cover you sensors against physical damage. Call our office for more details.

The Apex Dental Sensors also come in two sizes. Because we all know that there is no one size fit all. That is why we have two size, to accommodate every patient that will walk through your door.

The Apex Dental Sensor is also only 5.3mm thick. The Apex Dental Sensors thin design allows for maximum patient comfort. It represents the perfect balance of form and function. The Apex Pedo Sensor are designed with beveled corners that ensure easy positioning and optimal patient comfort.

The Apex Dental Sensors offers the same quality x-rays you would get from your current dental sensor, but for a fraction of the cost. Why would you spend more on a dental sensor?

If you are tired of spending the high prices for a Dental Sensor, give us a call today to integrate Apex Dental Sensors with Tab32 Software.

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