Masterlink,LLC. d/b/a Masterlink (“Masterlink”) considers its trademarks and the goodwill represented by such trademarks as extremely valuable assets. It is therefore important that you follow these guidelines when using any of the Masterlink Trademarks. Masterlink will take all appropriate legal and equity steps necessary or advisable to preserve the strength and retain the exclusive rights to use its trademarks. For the purposes of these guidelines, the “Masterlink Trademarks” include all registered and unregistered trademarks and service marks (such as words, names, symbols, devices, slogans or any combination thereof) owned by Masterlink, including without limitation, those trademarks and service marks listed on Masterlink Trademark List.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please direct them to [email protected].

General Guidelines

Masterlink is the exclusive owner of the Masterlink Trademarks and reserves all rights not expressly granted herein or pursuant to a separate license agreement. Accordingly, any goodwill derived from using an Masterlink Trademark inures solely to Masterlink’s benefit. By using an Masterlink Trademark, in whole or in part, you are acknowledging that Masterlink is the sole owner of the trademark and promising that you will not interfere with Masterlink’s rights in the trademark, including challenging Masterlink’s use, registration of, or application to register such trademark, alone or in combination with other words, anywhere in the world, and that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any Masterlink trademark.

To the extent that Masterlink has entered into a business relationship with you, Masterlink may have provided with you specific requirements for how the Masterlink Trademarks are to be used in terms of size, typeface, colors, other graphic characteristics of the trademarks, or other limitations and you must abide by those requirements when using the Masterlink Trademarks.

Permitted Use of Masterlink Trademarks

  • You may use the Masterlink Trademarks to accurately describe how your products or services relate to Masterlink’s products and services, so long as you observe these guidelines and it is clear that your products and services are not offered, sponsored, associated with or endorsed by Masterlink. See Compatibility below.
  • You may use taglines that refer to Masterlink’s Trademarks; provided that such taglines always appear in smaller and less prominent type than your company’s own brand name and use a different typeface, colors or other graphic characteristics.
  • You must make the Masterlink Trademarks distinguishable from the surrounding text in some manner, such as capitalizing the trademark, enclosing it in quotes, and/or using a different typeface or font for the trademark.
  • You may use the Masterlink Trademarks only in the form provided by Masterlink and may not use them in plural or modified forms.
  • You must always use the appropriate trademark symbol, such as TM, SM or ®, as specified by Masterlink and include written text in a footnote to indicate the trademark is owned by Masterlink and used by you with permission. Use the following format:

“Masterlink” and the “Masterlink logo” are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Infusion Software, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

  • You must always use an Masterlink Trademark as an adjective followed by the generic category name of the product or service it modifies, such as Masterlink® or Masterlink® software. Notwithstanding the foregoing, “Masterlink” functions not only as a trademark and service mark identifying its goods and services, but also as a trade name or company name referring to Infusion Software, Inc. Trade names are nouns and, therefore, should not be followed by a generic descriptor and may be used in the possessive form. When used as a trade name, “Masterlink” should not be followed by a trademark symbol. Within documents, the first reference to the trade or company name should be “Infusion Software, Inc.” Thereafter, “Masterlink” can be used for subsequent references

Prohibited Use of Masterlink Trademarks

  • You may not incorporate an Masterlink Trademark into your company’s name, publication title, conference title, website name, product or service name or domain name without Masterlink’s prior written consent which may require a license agreement in Masterlink’s sole discretion.
  • You may not use an Masterlink Trademark as a noun or verb, only as an adjective describing the generic category name of the product or service of which it represents.
  • You may not use misspellings, abbreviations, phonetic equivalents, or trademarks that rhyme with or sound like, or any marks that are confusingly similar to the Masterlink Trademarks. You may not use abbreviations or foreign language translations of the Masterlink Trademarks.
  • You may not use company names, product names, url names or domain names that combine an Masterlink Trademark with other words, terms or trademarks so as to create a unitary mark. For example, you should not use as your domain name or name your product “MasterlinkLINK.”
  • You may not use an Masterlink logo or design (such as the “swish” symbol) in connection with your products or services except under a license agreement with Masterlink.
  • You may not incorporate any Masterlink logo or design in your own company or product logos.
  • You may not display any Masterlink logo or design on your website or other promotional materials except under a license agreement with Masterlink.
  • You may not use Masterlink Trademarks in a disparaging, false or misleading way.
  • You may not use Masterlink Trademarks on or in connection with any defamatory, scandalous, pornographic, or other objectionable materials of any sort.
  • You may not use typefaces for your company name, product name or service name that look like those of an Masterlink Trademark and create the potential impression of an association, affiliation or sponsorship between Masterlink and your company. You may not use logos or designs that incorporate design elements of or look similar to those of Masterlink.
  • You may not adopt Masterlink’s distinctive trade dress elements in your company website, packaging, marketing or other materials.
  • You may not manufacture, sell or give-away merchandise items, such as T-shirts, key chains, and mugs, bearing any Masterlink Trademark, including symbols, logos, or icons, except under a license agreement with Masterlink.

Other Similar Terms

While Masterlink does not own registered trademarks for other similar uses, given the similarity to the Masterlink Trademarks, use of such similar terms can create confusion in the marketplace regarding the source, original or sponsorship of such products. Therefore, to avoid such confusion, we do not permit the use of such similar terms.


With the exception of the Masterlink logos (the use of which requires a license agreement with Masterlink), you generally may use the Masterlink Trademarks to refer to Masterlink’s products or services in advertising, promotional, and sales materials, assuming that you have the necessary authority to sell or promote Masterlink’s products or services, e.g. authorized reseller, licensee, etc.

You may indicate the relationship of your products and services to Masterlink’s products or services by using an accurate referential phrase in connection with your product or service, for example, “for use with Masterlink® software” or “compatible with Masterlink® software” provided that: (a) the Masterlink Trademark appears less prominent than the product or service name; (b) the Masterlink Trademark is not a part of or incorporated in your product or service name; and (c) the referential phrase is accurate and complies with the requirements of these guidelines and as set forth in any license agreement with Masterlink.

Misuse of Masterlink Trademarks by Others

If you learn of any uses of any trademarks that are confusingly similar to the Masterlink Trademarks, please notify Masterlink by sending an e-mail to [email protected] . Similarly, if you become aware of any use of an Masterlink Trademark that violates any of the rules described above, including failure to identify Masterlink Trademarks as belonging to Masterlink, please notify us at [email protected] . If possible, please provide a copy of the article or other medium in which the trademark violation appeared.

Changes to Trademark Usage Guidelines

Masterlink may add to, change, update or modify these guidelines or the Masterlink Trademarks by posting such addition, change, update or modification on this website. Any such change, update or modification will be effective immediately upon posting on the website.