Introducing the ComfyRay XT Dental Sensor Holder

The ClikStik System

One Rod. One Ring.

The complete holding system for dental sensors. The ComfyRay XT skinny fits thinner sensors such as Apex, XDR, Suni, original black Schick CDR, Quickray, Dent-x and Dentimax.

The ComfyRay XT skinny is One holder for anterior, posterior, vertical & horizontal bitewings & Endo.

The unique Shark Fin Biteplane design allows the holder to slip around the rubber dam clamp & it uses only ONE autoclave bag for an entire system !


One Kit For All Your Shots

Easy To Use

The ComfyRay XT Skinny Dental Sensor Holder System comes with (1) x Arm, (1) x ClikRing, & (1) x Shark Fin Biteplane. The entire ClikStik system is also fully autoclaveable!

Unlimited Versatility


The ComfyRay XT Skinny™ is one system that can take anterior, posterior and bitewing views with the innovative Shark Fin Biteplane.

Eliminate a multitude of rings and bent rods, now a complete series of radiographs has become a simple one ring process saving time and money for every office.

The ComfyRay XT Skinny™ allows unlimited versatility for the dental office staff. The dental office now has the simplest, easiest and most economical instrument to best serve their needs with the ComfyRay XT Skinny™.

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