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Apteryx XrayVision - Bridging - Training Tutorial

In this video you will learn about the basics of how Apteryx XrayVision Bridges to your practice management software.

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What is a bridge or link?

A lot of doctors want to know how Apteryx XrayVision will bridge to their practice management system.

I am going to pull up the Open Dental Management System and use this as an example.

When we installed the Apteryx XrayVision Imaging Software, we also went in and bridged your practice management software to XrayVision.

On some practice management systems, we install the Namegrabber Software, this bridge is usually in the bottom right hand corner of your screen and looks like this.

The bridge button with your management system may look or be in a different location. But, wherever the bridge button is located it will perform and do the exact same action.

When we installed the bridge inside of Open Dental, we ended up with a button that says “Apteryx”.

In order to bridge a patient, we must first select a patient with inside of your management system.

Once the patient is selected, you will notice at the top we have the patients name and unique ID number that is assigned by your management system.

Now once you are ready to take an x-ray or view an x-ray on this patient, just simply hit your bridge button.

You management system will then take your patients information and then open up the Apteryx XrayVision Imaging Software and import’s the patients name and then drops you in the patients file.

The patients file will show all of the exams that have ever been taken on this patient.

It is as simple as that! You are ready to either view an exam or take an exam.