Apteryx XrayVision 4
The Future Of Dental Imaging


Apteryx XrayVision 4 will capture, enhance and display all of your dental images with an easy to use interface.

The Best Sensor Meets The Best Software

Superior Integration

The Apex Sensors were designed to take full Advantage of the Apteryx XrayVision Software. Upon installation of your Apteryx XrayVision Software and Apex Dental Sensors, they will be working in tandem with each other. You can rest assured you are getting the best image quality with the Apteryx XrayVision Software and Apex Dental Sensors.

Easy to learn. Easy to use.

With Apteryx XrayVision 4, it’s easy to find, view, and do just about everything. The simple user interface allows you to just about any task in just a few clicks. The Toolbar lets you launch common task with a click. Launchpad gives you quick access to a wide range of tools.

  • Templates

    Templates allow you to view your all your x-rays at once in a familiar mount.
  • Single image View

    Can't see something? Go full screen with your x-ray with just a click of a button.
  • Panoramic

    Ability to acquire images from most digital intraoral sensors, digital pan and ceph devices, and phosphor plate scanners
  • Camera Support

    Image capture from analog and digital intra-oral and extra-oral cameras
  • Email

    Send your x-rays via email in just a few clicks.

Full Dental X-Ray Support

Take X-Rays in Seconds

Apteryx XrayVison has direct capture from Apex Dental Sensors as well as a range of other digital x-ray sensors and diagnostic/enhancement tools.

Have another sensor? Not a problem! Apteryx XrayVison supports a wide range of industry standard devices which can be combined from different manufacturers.

X-rays can be automatically mounted into templates which are easily customized to fit your practice. Templates maintain examination dates, tooth numbers and notations associated with each x-ray.

See a list of dental equipment that works with Apteryx XrayVision here

Every Tool For The Job.


Meet The Toolbox!

The Toolbox displays various buttons that enable you to quickly access and execute related functions. The Toolbox is fully customizable. Use a certain tool frequently? Just add it to your Toolbox in just a few clicks.

Apteryx Tools

Tools You Will Use. Tools You Will Love.

Apteryx XrayVision comes equipped with many different tools you can use. Easily make add annotations, arrows, magnify and enhance your x-rays with just a few clicks.

  • Measurements

    Make measurements right on the fly with the Measurement Tool.
  • Arrows & Ellipsis

    Point out certain areas of your x-rays with the Arrow and Ellipses Tool.
  • Text

    Write directly on your x-rays with the Text Label.
  • Spot Magnify

    Can't see something? Magnify certain areas of your x-rays with the Magnify Tool.
  • Spot Enhance

    See more of your x-ray with the Spot Enhance Tool.

Amazing Filters.

Turn your x-rays into something more with Apteryx Filters.

  • Real-Time Filters

    Real Time Filter are sets of image enhancements applied to any image that is opened, but are not saved to the raw image.
  • Invert Filter

    Easily invert an entire image with just a click of a button.
  • Colorize Filter

    Turn on the colorize filter to see even more from your x-rays.

Your Data Everywhere

Multi-User Support

Apteryx XrayVision can support multiple computers on your computer network. Images are stored on a central server and can be accessed from different locations simultaneously. Print, scan, email, display anywhere in your office.

Apteryx XrayVision uses peer-to-peer networking or virtual terminals to share images. The number of users is only limited by your network configuration.

Apteryx XrayVision is Compatible!

Bridges Seamlessly

The Apteryx XrayVision NameGrabber links Apteryx XrayVision to many popular Practice Management Systems. This bridge allows you to open a patients chart in your Practice Management System and access all of their images with one mouse click.

The Apteryx Namegrabber supports most of the popular Practice Management Systems in the industry and can be customized to adapt to your system as required.

See a list of management systems we bridge to here

Apteryx XrayVision Technical Support

1-Year of Support Free

When you purchase any configuration of Apteryx XrayVision , you will receive a one year support contract which includes web-based training for each module, telephone support and software upgrades. Web-based training is available at your convenience.

All you need is broadband cable or DSL service and a telephone.

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